Export WordPress Posts and Meta Information in CSV format

Ethan: 5 days ago

I need to export all WordPress Posts and related Meta information using an SQL query. I've managed to export just the Posts but realised that the Meta information is in another table.

Could someone please tell me how I would go about doing this please?


EDIT: The final outcome of the CSV file should look something like this.

[POSTS TABLE] post_content | post_title | post_excerpt | Author (meta_key) | [META TABLE] AuthorName (meta_value) | Publisher (meta_key) | PublisherName (meta_value) | BookCondition (meta_key) | BookCondition (meta_value)

So one post per row with the meta information in one row but in the same column.

Amara: 5 days ago

What is the SQL query you are using? What are more details of the export and end format you need?

The obvious things are 1)

"Navayan CSV Export is a wordpress plugin to export all your table data in CSV (Comma Separate Value) format."

and 2), exporting with phpmyadmin - the database utility - into CSV.

phpmyadmin is usually available on web hosts. Use "Export" and then select CSV.

phpmyadmin is also available as a plugin, though only the older versions of the plugin seem bug free:

Will either of these work?