How to show the homepage on a different url, like instead of

Ava: 2 weeks ago

I have Wordpress installed in my root directory, so if you go to you see the list of recent posts.

What I want to do is to have the homepage show a static page instead showing recent news etc (I've figured out how to do this), however if someone goes to, I want to show a list of the recent posts the same way as they show up right now on the homepage.

Can I do this - if so, how?

P.S the other url doesn't have to be called /blog/, it can be anything, e.g or would also work.


Elena: 2 weeks ago

Create a simple page which is needed to be the homepage and another page on which you want to show your recent blog posts.

Then go to Settings > reading and set a static page option in front page displays option. Then for the front page select box, select the new homepage and for the post page select box, select the custom page on which you want to display all your post listings.