Installing a Plugin ( Which is already manually uploaded )

Joseph: 5 days ago

I need to install wordpress plugin for placing source codes to my blogs.

See, the following snapshot describes that I have already uploaded plugin to proper place. I didn't make even a single change to that directory & It is uploaded without any intact. What should be the next step for activating this plugin ? ( I am using my own domain )

enter image description here

I have followed steps 1 & 2 from here ( I am confused what to do for further steps.

Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.

Rowan: 5 days ago

Ok from here you have two options available:

1) Dont know if you have done this already but you will need to go to wp-admin >> plugins (its at the left of the wp-admin dashboard beneath "appearance") from here if all is well with your manual upload you should see your plugin title in the main area, just click activate plugin.

2) If its not there, then remove the files you have uploaded and go back to wp-admin plugins, at the top you see an area where it says "Plugins" and a button that says "Add New", click "add new" button and the page will re-load. Use the Search for the plugin from the wp repository (search for its title) and grab it from there, just follow the onscreen instructions.. very easy..